Custom Handmade Knives | Chef Knife, Tactical and Everyday

Custom Handmade Knives | Chef Knife, Tactical Knife, and more


Thank you for visiting Big Tough American Knives! Every single BTAK knife is designed and built one at a time by bladesmith Josh Baildon. My goal is to make you the highest quality knife possible that will also be a piece of art you will treasure forever. Every piece can be customized to your material and color preference. Upon placing an order, I will personally contact you within 24 hours to discuss your one of a kind knife. I look forward to hearing from you!

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Tactical Knives

Custom handmade tactical knives that will stand up to any task. Specifically designed and tested to perform in the toughest environments. The ergonomic profile will place your hand in proper alignment allowing cutting tasks to be executed in the most efficient way possible. When it really matters you can depend on BTAK.

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Chef and Kitchen Knives

Custom chef and kitchen knives that were designed after hundreds of hours of performing culinary tasks. Every detail that goes into each knife allows it to function at an extremely high level, while also being a beautiful and timeless piece of art. Once you experience the effortless cutting ability of a BTAK chef knife, you will never want to be in a kitchen with out one.

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Everyday Carry Knives

Everyday carry knives that are made to handle everything from opening a box to being a life saving tool in a survival situation. These knives have been meticulously designed after years of testing. They are also extremely comfortable to carry so you can always have it with you.