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Big Tough American Knives About Page

Every single BTAK knife is handmade and free hand ground by craftsman Josh Baildon

About BTAK and The Maker


The Knife Maker Behind BTAK:

Every single BTAK piece is handmade and free hand ground by craftsman Josh Baildon. He started making knives after time and time again cheap production knives could not handle basic tasks without having failures. Josh set out on a mission to build handmade knives that would hold up to extreme abuse and last the user a lifetime. Josh uses only the most durable materials and steel. All production is done in extremely small quantities to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship possible.


When you buy a BTAK, you get a knife that is designed and made to handle heavy use without sacrificing the integrity of the piece. All knives are backed by our lifetime guarantee.

The BTAK Mission:

To build extremely tough, precise, and task oriented cutting tools. BTAK knives are built to be used!

The BTAK Promise:

All BTAK knives are backed for life. If you experience any issue due to craftsmanship, the knife will be fixed or replaced. Because all BTAK knives are made to be used, when you are ready for a resharpen, just send your knife over and it will be returned razor sharp at no cost to you.

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